Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Did I ever show you....

the little Chef Turtle I made to go with the little Baker Turtle. It was a special request for another fun couple. I'm so privileged to meet creative, original, art-loving people from Etsy. Thanks to all those who've ever taken an interest in my art. Look for these two sold as a set in my Etsy shop soon!

Friday, April 1, 2011

IF: Duet

I've been working on this commission for what seems like eons! I was just scanning and cleaning it up when I noticed the IF topic for this week...and it fits! Wow!

A big thank you to Heather and her husband for their creativity and patience on this custom order. They requested this "duet" of ballroom dancing turtles to be framed in their formal dining room. Heather and her husband have a flair for dance and a love for turtles...so there you have it! Hope they were worth the wait, Heather!