Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Random Picture Day!

I've decided while looking through the digital camera to delight you with random pictures from 2008. (well only really since the summer on so there's even more randomness around somewhere else!) Hope those of you who are not living close to us will appreciate my sharing this embarassing montage of silliness! Enjoy!!!!
Who is that handsome boy cooking dinner? (looks pretty gross but it tasted good!)
My drying dishes hat!

A serious conversation with Miss Kita about the importance of sharing.

Taco the donkey! And at a farm so close by....what a dream come true!

First time in costume....we're Tom Sawyer and Becky Thatcher.

Visiting family at Thanksgiving....it's only sparkling cider, don't worry!

I tried so hard to become a cookie maker this Christmas....I tried, I really tried.

Yikes, first sweep of the living room with the new pet hair vaccuum!

My first trip to IKEA and this is what I come back with!

The blue-eyed baby likes his present.

Me and my Schweetie-face while visiting my sister in PA.

Illustration Friday: Celebrate

When you're young, even small things are cause for celebration.....like the birthday of your kitten friend! The sad thing is, I did this very thing to my little Yoshi when his first birthday rolled around....only I was not young at all! And look at him now...all grown up. He seems rather disinterested in his illustrated self so I guess it's okay to post on this blog!

I'm proud of this illustration, not necessarily because of how it turned out but because I am amazed that I was also able to sketch it, redraw it and color it in one evening!!! This is an amazing accomplishment for me....I agonize over things, drawing and erasing, drawing and erasing for so long. I really need to get to the point where I can confidently make a piece of art from beginning to end in a reasonable amount of time. It's a challenge and a matter of practice and determination. AND you have to let go of perfectionism and take it easy!

Here is the sketch I drew on scrap paper. I hope you can see the many eraser marks from all of the times I changed something (for my beautiful friends that wish they had the confidence to be artsy. Aimee! Chris!). I am amazed when other artists show their sketches or artistic journal and the rough drawings are so.....not rough! I am unable to draw that clearly and perfectly the 1st, 2nd, or even 3rd time. I ALWAYS need a good eraser and a paper that can withstand all of my minor corrections. I guess life is kind of life that....lots of new paths and possibilities and a billion little refinements and corrections. Hmmm.....

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Illustration Friday: Time

“I’ve run out of time”
“I don’t have the time”
“That takes too much time”
“Maybe another time”
“This is a waste of my time”

The topic for Illustration Friday this week was time. My immediate thought was of people who resist the belief that their time must be constantly and frenetically spent doing grown-up things. Sacrificing their ability to make more money, cultivate hobbies, have leisure time.... some people realize that the greatest gift you can ever give someone, is your time. Whether you're a stay at home mom, foster parent, youth worker or Sunday School teacher....I admire you! Giving your time to the children in your life will not go unrewarded!

This illustration was done with Prismacolor, colored pencils on bristol vellum. As always, constructive criticism is welcome.

Friday, February 6, 2009

The Turtle Tots get Stamped!

Guess what! Some of the Turtle Tots have found their way over to Stamping Bella

They've been made into stamps!!! How cool is that....be sure to check out the blog for all the newest things going on there today...

Emily over at Stamping Bella is fun to work with and it's obvious that all of her fans love her and the products. If you're into stamping, scrapbooking and such, you should really hop over there and check it out. I'm finding it hard to resist the stamps myself! Thank you Emily! And if you're visiting from Stamping Bella....Hi girls!!!!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Illustration Friday: Flawed

He stared at miles and miles of perfectly pristine toys; each little plastic face grinning back, their immobile expressions gleaming under flourescent lights. His mother urged him to go pick one and as he scanned rows and rows of perfection, his eyes alighted on one not so perfect face. He walked up and inspected it closer. This one was flawed, a little broken and didn't quite shine like the others; and because of that, he loved it all the more. - words by Katie Coleman

My first Illustration Friday submission. Hooray! The first picture was my first sketch, the second one I wanted to show a more close-up view of the little boy with his new friend....couldn't decide which I liked better....

Constructive criticism is very welcome!