Thursday, February 5, 2009

Illustration Friday: Flawed

He stared at miles and miles of perfectly pristine toys; each little plastic face grinning back, their immobile expressions gleaming under flourescent lights. His mother urged him to go pick one and as he scanned rows and rows of perfection, his eyes alighted on one not so perfect face. He walked up and inspected it closer. This one was flawed, a little broken and didn't quite shine like the others; and because of that, he loved it all the more. - words by Katie Coleman

My first Illustration Friday submission. Hooray! The first picture was my first sketch, the second one I wanted to show a more close-up view of the little boy with his new friend....couldn't decide which I liked better....

Constructive criticism is very welcome!


  1. How cute! I quite like the first one- I like the detail of the little tail lying on the floor beside the boy. A very sweet illustration:-)

  2. oh my.. this is so adorable.. love the comfort he provides the little flawed horse... Love it.. great work!

  3. Aww! I totally get how he feels about his favorite old toy.
    Beautiful colors! I think I like the second one best, because it is more intimate and cuddly.

  4. They both are great, but the second is a bit better since it is more focused (less additional detail to distract from the main idea). Nice job coloring them!

    For constructive criticism, the only thing that stands out is the length of the boy's neck. Other than that, you have done an excellent job of capturing the moment!

  5. They're both cute and I love the giraffe's tail on the floor in the first one but I really love the feeling from the second one. The close up really focuses on the boy hugging his new toy. So precious!