Monday, April 5, 2010

Frugally Fighting Monotony

Had a quick whirlwind weekend to my in-laws in Massachusetts for Easter. We don't go visit often enough but when we do it's always a bittersweet walk down memory lane for my husband. His dad still lives in the house in the same neighborhood he grew up in. Joel has so many memories of his childhood friends, the little traditions they came up with and ALWAYS remembered (honking twice and waving at one friend's house, for instance!) and it always leaves him a little bit reflective and melancholy. Because...he's a grown up now. He remembers how life used to be. It's not that our life isn't can just seem a little monotonous sometimes....go to work, go home, try to relax, go to sleep, get up, go to work.....we feel beat up by the mundane cycle of routine.

On our way back I had an idea, the whole drive back (including getting stuck in traffic) we brainstormed some crazy little activities that we could use for a date night or any day that we wanted to break out of the normal routine. Took a little doing to think outside the box but I'm proud of what we've come up with. Things like:

- go to a restaraunt we've never been to
- put on loud music and dance around the house
- memorize a Scripture verse together
- go to a store and pick out mushy cards for each other and then put them back (that's courtesy of my frugalista aunt, awesome idea!)
- grab the guitar and go down to the lake to sing praise songs at night
- make a fort in the living room (seriously, who didn't make a fort when they were little!)
- write an encouraging note on a dollar bill and then go spend it
- make up a new word and use it
- draw a picture of heaven
and one I think will go down in the history books of good memories with Joel and Elena....
- learn how to say "Excuse me, you're sitting on my sandwich!" in 3 different languages!!!

These are just a few! We've agreed that whenever we decide to pull a card we HAVE to do what it says even if it's not convenient. There are so many things on our minds lately, the tragic death of a co-worker, flooding, marriages in turmoil....we need to give ourselves ways to let go and have fun. I want to be able to look back on my life and marriage and be able to say, we tried hard, screwed up a lot, but we sure did have fun together!

I love you, Joel, always, no matter what.


  1. I love this pic and those are great ideas. It is so easy to get caught up in the events of every day and lose the excitement that we once found with our spouses. I might steal some of your ideas. :)

  2. Thanks're beautiful!

  3. board games are also my fav... and going to a coffee shop and reading together :)

  4. Beth...feel free to steal them! And make up your own!

    Cori....we LOVE board games too! They're a must at any family event or holiday. My husband and I occasionally play card games together too, but the thing is, my husband is a game I never win! But it's still great quality time together!

    Anonymous/'re beautiful too, I love ya!

  5. Elena-
    I think you can send out postcards for your blog! I update my blog more than anything else, so I always try to direct people towards that too! I say go for it!

  6. Now that technically it's Spring and going to be getting warmer, you could go to Rocky Neck (after 4 or 5 o'clock it's free) after work with some sandwiches and have dinner on the beach and watch the sun go down. Then hurry home before you get locked in! :)

    Make a sacvenger list and go to the mall and take pics of everything on the list...

    Have fun! Love you!! :)