Thursday, May 13, 2010

IF: Fearless

Mmmmmm, creativity struck once again with barely enough time to finish this week. The topic was too good to pass up. FEARLESS. I have so many things I could say and illustrate for this one.
Instead I'll just explain my drawing. This is colored pencil on some new tinted pastel paper. The cute little white bunny is about to exhibit fearlessness in my book. He's going to offer love and compassion to someone who is in need. And he might be rejected. Growled at. Turned down or abused. But he's fearless, so he's putting his heart on the line anyway.

As always your comments and criticisms are welcome. I have another bunny illustration that came from sketching this one also, can't wait to finish it.

The first half of this week I kept seeing this topic as FEAR LESS. What an assignment....I think I'll spend a few more weeks on this one!


  1. Wow! That is awesome. I appreciate the description for this tired brain. What an amazing drawing!!

  2. I like the idea behind this work and the drawing is really good. The heart has patches as it has already been broken but the bunny gives it again, lovely <3

  3. Thanks Mary and Ana. Mary....there's a reason behind every one's art, I always like to make sure my point is getting across. Hope you're resting as much as you can with 3 monkeys in the house!

    Ana, you got it! My husband and I are stepping out in ways that might get our hearts smashed....and that's true fearlessness to me....loving even when it will hurt.

    Thanks for the lovely comments!

  4. this is so cute :) I should get out the toned paper I have and do some doodling on it. I forget how nice the texture and color are.

  5. I would love a copy of this for Beth...she keeps offering herself and her love to her family only to be "beaten down"...she has hope that it will turn around soon, as God directs...but I think she could really identify with this...I'd like to give it to her to give her a visual always, my "baby" makes me proud...with her God-given talent and her heart of gold! Love ya lots!!!! Mom xoxoxox