Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Starting off!

Woohoo! I'm blogging! We'll see if I can keep this online web log going longer than I did my childhood journals. I wrote wholeheartedly, just sporadically!

For the past few months I've really been looking into children's room art. I love the idea of helping people decorate their child's room or the nursery for their new baby with beautiful, peaceful, fun artwork. I started painting some cute little jungle animals. It seems to be a popular theme among my friends who are having babies. This is the second time I've painted these little guys. This set I did with acrylic paint on an 11x14" canvas. Then gave them to my friends Sam and Beth at their baby shower. I was working so hard on them for a few weeks, I was almost sad to let them go!
Let me know what you think!


  1. Very cute ... now think of all the children....and make lots more! Love ya! xoxo MOM

  2. thanks for the encouragement guys!

  3. I love the blog! So much fun to read! I remember when you were working on these originally while we were still living in CT... sniff.. (btw I tried to post a comment before and it didn't work!)

  4. the paintings are beautiful! but are they only for children's rooms? duckies would be great in a bathroom...of grownups!!