Thursday, May 7, 2009

Inspire Me Thursday: Umbrella

Oops! Totally forgot that to submit something for Inspire Me Thursday you should kind of post it, um, before Thursday! The topic was umbrella which was a fun topic....and I was going to submit my Singin' in the Rain Turtle. Which is quite fitting as it has been hazy, cool and rainy lately. Sigh.

This is the last leg of endurance fellow New Englanders! The rain is bringing our flowers out and the sunshine is right around the corner! I CANNOT wait! Every year since I became an "adult" (aka - started working full time and realized summer vacations were over!) I think of all the fun things I want to do in the summer and write them down. Summer flies by and I always want to stuff as much into it as I can. It makes me happy just to put things down in anticipation. I love lists, especially when they involve fun!

Here's what is rolling around in my mind so far:

1) Go to a local baseball game.

2) Take a community class (starting my Pilates class next week!!!!)

3) Go to the zoo.

4) Hike, bike, and walk.....anywhere there's a path!

5) Tennis and that order. Because when I try to play Joel in tennis, I need to fall in the pool after!

6) Have a picnic/cookout/party at the lake for my birthday in July. Bocce anyone?

7) Take time off to do fun things when my sister and her and her husband come to visit. Yay!

8) Go to the drive-in movies.

9) Cheer at Joel's softball games.

10) Vacation in Vermont. To celebrate our 3rd wedding anniversary. Just me and Joel and a canoe....ahhh.


  1. Hmmm I may be able to help out with #3, Anytime you want to come down (to New Canaan) the Bronx Zoo is about 30 min away! Annie and I would love to show you around! :) ( And we have a pool for cooling off in after!) Just a thought.....

  2. Could I hide under the umbrella with your darling turtle until the sun comes back?

  3. Cute artwork. Have you ever illustrated a children's book? If not you should.