Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Family: Our treasure, heaven's gift

watch this!

Scrabble-Man (my husband) and I have been watching a lot of the Cosby Show lately. This is a Christmas gift that has been making the cold winter nights a little more bearable. We love the 80s sweaters, the clean situation comedy and the focus on a big, crazy, loving family. I grew up in a big, crazy, loving, crazy, funny, crazy, loud family...I had to share everything. Personal space was not an option. You could have the bathroom to yourself IF you were willing to get up before everyone else (so about 5:30) in the morning. Someone was always quarreling with someone else, we had a certain order we had to sit in the pew at church, which my mom decided...based on who was getting along with who and who would be a distraction! No matter what trouble we got into, we always knew we were loved. I wouldn't trade a day of it.

Maybe some of you didn't have such a great childhood. Maybe you weren't ever told you were loved. I'm sorry. I pray you'll know the Father who is unconditionally loving, righteously fair and gave what was most important to Him to ensure your adoption into His big, loving, crazy family. Our time on earth is only for a season...what will we do with it and who will we believe?

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