Thursday, March 19, 2009

Illustration Friday: Legendary....almost

Well, I tried. I know, you out there in the blogging world are so disappointed in my inability to prioritize my time and get these unpaid, just for fun, Illustration Friday assignments done! I understand, I'm pretty disgusted I've decided to cut out a few things. Like going to work, showering, and paying taxes. Something radical has to be done.

Alright I'm being melodramatic again but in all seriousness I really ALWAYS want to submit something for IF. It's so fun to see what other people think of your work. To participate with all the other artists....I wanna be in the cool club...pick me, pick me! Oh, sorry, sudden flashback to middle school. Boy I'm pretty sarcastic when I'm exhausted....

I'm showing you my very undone illustration for the topic of "legendary." I tried to think of legendary figures, icons that stood out to me. I was either going to draw a great photorealistic drawing of Ella Fitzgerald belting out a song in a nightclub or this one....

this will be my childrens illustration version of this famous picture....if you don't know what this is from I might have to disown you as a friend (sorry that's cranky Elena piping up again).

Gene Kelly's famous "Singin' in the Rain"

I ran out of time and could have tried to hurriedly fill in the rest just to finish before Friday. But decided if I was sensible, I should really take my time and make these illustrations GOOD. Because good illustrations make up a GOOD portfolio. So I will take my time and finish this one...maybe I'll just have to watch Singing in the Rain again for inspiration!

Gene Kelly is to me a legendary actor/dancer extraordinaire. I LOVE old movies, musicals and variety shows. I ate them up in high school when most people were dating, getting cars....I didn't really do normal stuff like that. I raced home to sing to my musicals. I loved the colors, loved the costumes, loved the dancing, loved how everything was sweet, innocent and uncomplicated. Incidentally, Gene Kelly grew up in the exact area of Pittsburgh that my sister and her husband are living now. I walked around Gene Kelly's neighborhood! Neat!

So here's to Gene Kelly, Betty Grable, Rita Hayworth, Doris Day, Fred and Ginger, Rock Hudson, Tony Randall, Jack Lemmon, Grace Kelly, Bing Crosby, Danny Kaye, Jerry Lewis, Dean Martin, Victor Mature, Burt Lancaster, Maureen O'Hara, Jimmy Stewart, Audrey Hepburn and all those other screen legends. They bring me fond memories of time with my family and a life less complicated....

I'm singing in the rain

Just singing in the rain

What a glorious feeling

I'm happy again

I'm laughing at clouds

So dark up above

The sun's in my heart

And I'm ready for love

Let the stormy clouds chase

Everyone from the place

Come on with the rain

I've a smile on my face

I walk down the lane

With a happy refrain

I'm dancin' and singin' in the rain!


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  2. Elena, this is my Moms favorite movie! I remember talking about it one time, and I had never seen it, so I rented it. It is a great movie, I loved it too! I can't wait to see the final version!!