Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Two more babies in the jungle

So I had Yoshi (whose full name, by the way, is Yoshi Shinga Dewey Alexander French...a regal title if there ever was one) offer his inspection and critique of my work. The Siamese ninja gave me his perceptive pointers and helped me complete the next two Jungle Babies!

Now there's 4 in the set and I will probably go put them into my Etsy shop for the world to see. Still have more jungle babies in mind and a million other things....ah, so many projects so little time!

This weeks topic for Illustration Friday is "legendary." I have a couple of good ideas....we'll see if I can make it happen! We have a bunch of special events going on this week. A CareNet banquet and the annual Spring Gala for my work. Lots of good food and dressing up, maybe not so much time for artwork.....we'll see.


  1. The new jungle babies are so cute! As is your Yoshi cat! :)
    Glad to know I'm not the only Hulu zombie out there, heheh... it does help to have a bit of story whilst painting/drawing! I'm going through an Alfred Hitchcock phase myself. There are so many episodes to go through, I wonder how long it will take me!

  2. I think that you need a monkey jungle baby. And I would think that regardless of if I wanted one for myself! :) Possibly even a monkey with a banana.