Thursday, March 12, 2009

Bamboo and the Jungle Babies!

Well, I happened upon the Inspire Me Thursday website and their topic for this week is "Bamboo." What joy it brought to my face as I have been working very hard on the jungle babies who are framed with bamboo! Here are the first two I've finished so far. The giraffe and elephant are on their way and I hope to do more (a monkey, a zebra.....any more suggestions?).
I'm still not convinced that colored pencils are my thing. When I start drawing something I really fight with them and think I should ditch them and go back to painting but then when I'm done it doesn't look half bad. Opinions anyone? Compare them to the original painted Jungle Babies and tell me what you think! Happy Thursday!


  1. I love them both! Pencil and paint

  2. These are adorable, Elena! Why not have porfolios in colored pencil *and* paint? Both have their strengths. I would go with whichever you love working with and love the results.

  3. Yeah they both have their own pro's and con's I like the painted ones cause they look smooth, and polished. But I like the sketched ones cause look "sketched" and sweet and comfortable... Does that even make sense? lol They are beautiful, I love them all!